LinkedIn Search You are ONLY Searching Your Network!

LinkedIn Search, You are ONLY Searching Your Network!

LinkedIn recently announced that they have reached the 400 million member mark from which you can only access a small fraction (your network). Not daily active users but a total of 400 million profiles. The question I want to ask you is how large is your network of LinkedIn connections?

Top 3 New LinkedIn Settings You May Not be Aware Of!

Security settings

Under the radar LinkedIn has added several new security and privacy settings. Here are the top three that you may not be aware of.

Privacy Setting Number one: Did you know that while your 1st-degree connections automatically follow your updates and long-form posts, ANYONE can follow you, even if they're not in your network. You can limit followers to only your 1st-degree connections from the Privacy and Settings page.

I wrote a previous article on how to follow anyone on LinkedIn.

STEP 1) Hover your cursor over your profile picture select Manage

An EASY fix to remove those Edit pencils on your LinkedIn Profile.

An EASY fix to remove those Edit pencils on your LinkedIn Profile.

Don't you just love it when you scroll over your LinkedIn profile and all of those little edit pencils pop up so you can change ANything on your profile. There is a way to eliminate those pencils so you can view certain sections of your profile.

If you don't want to edit your profile, I found this by accident when I clicked on the blue button that says "VIEW PROFILE AS". It changed the screen to how your connections would view your profile. Now you have to look carefully at the top of your profile for "This is what your profile looks like to
Connections". And next to this verbiage is an up and down arrow.

When you click on the down arrow you can also view a public profile as seen from Google. This is the view when you come up in search results for your name on Google. It looks much like the old version of the LinkedIn profile.

So when you want to go on your profile to look at the people that endorsed you for a skill or you want to click on a section of your profile that has a visual media link you will be able to do so.

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